A bunker is a static emplacement (upon, within, or otherwise linked to a specific planetary body), such as a starport, an orbital city, or a "deep site" meson gun. These emplacements can participate in starship combat; however, (unlike ships) they cannot move, and they sometimes cannot even be targeted or damaged (e.g.: deep sites).

Attributes Edit

  • Name -- This text string is the specific identification of the bunker in question.
  • Owner -- This is the team controlling this specific bunker in question.
  • Where_Built -- This is a link back to the specific planetoid associated with this bunker.
  • Tech_Level -- This integer value is the tech level of the bunker's components.
  • Power_Avail -- This floating-point value is the amount of power currently available for the bunker's various systems, such as movement, weapons, shields, commo/sensor arrays, and so on.
  • Target_Size -- This integer value is used by the game to rate the size of the bunker. It is a numerical rating of the relative difficulty of targeting this bunker (using sensors and/or weapons).
  • Parts -- This is a collection of black boxes, representing the various components of the bunker, each of which are capable of receiving damage.
  • Skills -- Being an immobile platform (unlike a ship), a bunker will need to track only these skills:

  • Electronics
  • Gunnery (Energy Weapon)
  • Gunnery (Missiles)
  • Leadership
  • Mechanic
  • Medical (Trauma Aid)


  • Naval Tactics (Ship Tactics)
  • Screens (Meson Screen)
  • Ship's Engineering
  • Systems (Communications)
  • Systems (Sensors)
  • RCV Operations

Functions Edit

  • Random_Part -- This function returns a specific, randomly-selected black box to receive damage.