A planetoid is a solid planetary body, such as a planet, an asteroid, or a comet. An instance of this object class may or may not be moving, but its movement (if any) will never change.

A ship may enter into an orbit about a planetoid, and may use the planetoid as cover and concealment, making it harder for enemy sensors to detect him.

  • A ship of any configuration may land on an asteroid or comet, making it even harder for the enemy sensors.
  • If the ship is sufficiently structured (i.e., it has a streamlined or airframe hull), the ship may actually land on a planet, which similarly offers additional cover and concealment.
  • If a planet has a sufficient hydrosphere, the ship may go the additional step and actually hide underwater, for further concealment.

Parent Class Edit

Attributes Edit

  • Name -- This text string is the specific identification of the planetoid in question.
  • Size_Rating -- This integer value corresponds to the planetoid's size rating from its UWP (Universal World Profile).
  • Atmo_YN -- This boolean value says whether or not the planetoid has enough of an atmosphere to require any ships attempting a landing have the prerequisite streamlining.
  • Hydro_YN -- This boolean value says whether or not the planetoid has enough of a hydrosphere to permit sufficiently streamlined ships to hide underwater.


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