A salvo is a group of missiles, all moving in the same direction and at the same velocity, and collectively directed by the same MFD against the same target.

Parent Class Edit

Attributes Edit

Since a salvo is defined as a group of (not necessarily identical) missiles, the salvo class of object has all the same attributes as the missile class. However, there are some modifications to these attributes, reflecting the salvo's collective nature. There are also a few additional attributes specific to the salvo class of object.

  • Tech_Level -- This integer value is the highest tech level among all the missiles within the salvo.
  • Max_Gs, GTurns -- These integer values are each the lowest corresponding value among all the missiles within the salvo.
  • Laser_YN, Maser_YN -- These boolean values are each the collective composite of the corresponding values among all the missiles within the salvo. In other words, if all of the missiles in a specific salvo return TRUE for the Laser_YN value, then the salvo will also return TRUE; if even one such missile returns a value of FALSE, then the salvo returns a value of FALSE.
  • Controller -- Since a salvo must be controlled by a MFD, this attribute links to that specific MFD.
  • My_Missiles -- This is the collection (an indexed array, presumably) of the specific missiles within the salvo in question.

Functions Edit

  • Pass_Control -- Since a salvo must be controlled by a MFD, this function will accept only another such MFD as the new controller.
  • Choose_Missile -- This function returns a specific, randomly-selected missile from within the salvo in question.


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