A ship is an individual vessel (as opposed to a task force, which is a group of ships working together).

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Child Classes Edit

  • (specific types of Ship)

Attributes Edit

  • Displacement -- This integer value is the displacement (i.e.: relative size) of the ship's hull.
  • Configuration -- This text string is the standardized description of the configuration of the ship's hull.
  • Tech_Level -- This integer value is the tech level of the world which built this ship.
  • Facing -- This integer value is the current facing of the ship with regards to the game's map.
  • Power_Avail -- This floating-point value is the amount of power currently available for the ship's various systems, such as movement, weapons, shields, commo/sensor arrays, and so on.
  • Max_Gs -- This integer value is the maximum acceleration (in Gs) the ship is allowed to spend during any one turn.
  • Fuel_Avail -- This floating-point value is the amount of fuel remaining in the ship's fuel tankage.
  • Parts -- This is a collection of black boxes, representing the various components of the ship, each of which are capable of receiving damage.
    • At least one of these parts must be a power plant.
    • Usually, one of these parts will be a sublight drive. Sometimes, the ship may even have two such parts (i.e.: the ship may have both HEPlaR and gravitic thruster plates, for example).
  • Skills -- As a ship is the basic combat unit used in this game, each ship tracks a complete set of skills (all save Fleet Tactics) for its own specific crew.

Functions Edit

  • Random_Part -- This function returns a specific, randomly-selected black box to receive damage, based on the specific hit location attacked.