Team is the top-level object that refers to a specific player (or a specific team of players) within the game.

In most traditional wargames, there are usually two teams. Furthermore, these two teams are usually referred to as the Attacker and the Defender. However, depending on the specific scenario being played out, this may or may not be the case. (For example, in the scenario "Rescue Ru(i)n", there can be up to five different teams.)

Attributes Edit

Each instance of the "Team" object will have the following attributes.

  • Name -- This is a text string containing the identity of the specific team in question. Traditional values include such pairings as "Attacker" versus "Defender", or "Red" versus "Blue".
  • Forces -- This is a collection (an indexed array, presumably) of bogeys and/or bunkers, representing the actual forces available to the respective team.
  • Skills -- Of the various skills used within this wargame, the only one appropriate to this object would be Fleet Tactics. All other skills are tracked at a lower level within the object-based hierarchy.